Photos by Cicely Parnas 

Artwork by Rachel England

I am a composer, electronic musician and pianist. I write music for theater, dance, film, advertising, chamber groups, concerts and more, from heavy hitting synth music to contemporary chamber works. I perform electronic music using live looping and Ableton live and on YouTube and am finishing my first album as SPEARFISHER. 

I create remixes for bands, giving them new audiences and different sound. I produce and co-write songs with emerging artists, making their voices come through stronger with creative and forward thinking production and well informed musicianship, with a doctorate in piano performance and composition. I write acoustic music for theater, mixed ensembles, dance and films. 

My turnaround time on pieces is fast and my rates for custom compositions, remixes and advertising content is reasonable.  If you have a project and need music for it in a specific style don't hesitate to contact me.

Full Bio Below

(Peter John’s solo cello piece “from the zodiac”) is full of assertive and expressive music that elicited real enthusiasm from the audience.
— The Washington Post


I’m a classically trained pianist and composer with a Masters from Cleveland Institute of Music and a DMA in Piano and Composition from the University of Minnesota who is passionate about the future of classical music. I see our music growing together with the culture of electronics rather than standing in opposition to it.

As an electronic musician I’ve worked with producers and artists such as Jerry Wonda, Son Lux, Dan Richards from One Direction, Lissie, Ashley DuBose and many more from songwriting to production.  In 2018 I collaborated with James Sewell Ballet creating a piece for Ballet Dancers and a system using an infrared controller that allowed the dancers to control the music live entitled “The Spaces Between Us”. In 2017 I collaborated with composer Jocelyn Hagen to create a work for Choir and electronics, sampling the sounds of a full choir to create custom synthesizers which were then performed live in their work, “Hummingbird” (published by Graphite Publishing). In late 2014 I also created a podcast on the future of classical music, interviewing forward thinking classically trained artists Kishi Bashi, Judd Greenstein and Son Lux that was released on Joyful Noise Records and features my original music and sound design.

I make electronic music under the name SPEARFISHER and I am always interested in new projects. I’ve also been working with cellist Cicely Parnas creating video works as Duo Futur and creating radio friendly modern production music with Lance Conrad as YNKE.

As a composer, my Solo Cello Piece was premiered by Cicely Parnas in The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and received a great review in The Washington Post. He said that “the outer movements were full of assertive and expressive music and elicited real enthusiasm from the audience.” This piece, “from the zodiac” was again performed in Lincoln Center at Merkin Hall as well as in the Gardner Museum in Boston among other concerts across the US. Recently, my work Hummingbird was premiered by the North Dakota Concert Choir and published by Graphite Publishing. I’ve written for multiple mixed and large ensembles and love making new music for new audiences.

As a pianist, I’ve won numerous competitions and awards and been finalist in more than a few international piano competitions, played internationally in Germany, Spain, Japan and played as a soloist with the National Orchestra of Belarus among others. Recent performances have been in the Target Atrium in Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, MN and the ICDA summer symposium. I’m an avid proponent of playing the “new canon” of classical music that is being written today, as well as shaping what that might be. I’ve given concerts solely of free improvisations and collaborated with oil painters as well as mixed chamber ensembles, from string quartets to jazz trios. My primary interest as a pianist is in creating and performing new music that engages people my own age and sparks new interest in what we now call classical music.


Here is my official classical piano bio.