ELECTROMAG - Electromagnetic Samples + Ableton Live Pack

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ELECTROMAG 600 pixels.png

ELECTROMAG - Electromagnetic Samples + Ableton Live Pack


Over 100 carefully selected samples of electromagnetic interference! Drum hits, snaps and pops that crackle with lo-fi character, sizzly basses and piercing leads created from the electromagnetic interference waves of toasters, computers and cell phones.

The highlight of this pack is a set of 15 presets for Abletons Simpler containing my custom sampled ELECTROMAG instruments made from the crackling of electricity as their source!! Super warm fuzzy basses and sci-fi distopian pads that give your tracks a legit edge...a great mix of electric and USEABLE presets as well as some crazy ass textures that will flip your lid.  

Just get it, you'll love it! Or sign up to be my patron on Patreon and get it with a $4 monthly donation!


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This track was made using ONLY THE SAMPLES/SYNTHS In this pack! (all loops included)


Unzip folder, you'll see a few folders of samples  - Drums, Loops + Atmospheres and RAW Recordings all contain 100+ HQ .wav samples of carefully curated electromagnetic samples useable in any DAW - the ELECTROMAG project folder contains presets specifically for Ableton . 

Open the electromag.als file which launches the complete Ableton set with all presets/loops

In Ableton on the LH side beneath "categories" you'll find "places". 

Click "Add folder to Places", navigate to where you saved the folder (usually downloads), and dig through those synth sounds!! Now anytime in any session you want to work with them just click on that folder and dive in!